Generally associated with liposculpture, this procedure enables skin that is becoming flaccid and that is sagging, following pregnancy, heavy weight loss or major liposculpture, to be stretched. It is mainly women (of all ages) who demand this cosmetic surgery, but some men also find it useful in dealing with such excess skin. A tummy tuck is needed in order to tighten skin that is hanging down, returning its firm appearance.

Generally associated with liposuction, this cosmetic surgery, performed under general anaesthetic, consists of a horizontal subpubial incision that allows the abdominal excess to be removed and the superfluous skin to be cut away. It is then stretched downwards to give a flat stomach with smooth abdominal skin. The procedure always seeks to keep the scar as small as possible; the mark left is like a line hidden among the pubic hair, and is so unobtrusive as to go almost unnoticed. It will be 3 months before you see the final result.

In this type of surgical intervention, a cannula is used to aspirate the fat; following the operation, after a while, the skin retracts onto the new structure. It is important to note that there is some fibrosis after any cosmetic surgery of this type (liposuction, abdomioplasty, buttock and arm lift, etc.). In order to restore vitality and flexibility to the body operated on in this way, you are advised to undergo postoperative treatment to get rid of this fibrosis, and restore suppleness and firmness to the skin.

This type of treatment is widely practised in the US and in South America, with a view to achieving optimal results. Our specialist will be happy to explain what the procedure involves. Treatment to enhance and accelerate healing is also possible.

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