Here, the flaccid and loose skin on the arms is stretched in order to hone them and make them firmer, through a horizontal incision in the armpit area via which surplus arm fat is removed by liposuction, and the removal of surplus skin. This cosmetic surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic and can be adapted to anyone who has excess skin on the arms. Different incisions are possible, depending on the alteration to be made:

Longitudinal: such incisions run along the arm from the armpit to the elbow (in cases of significant excess skin); the scars are very discreet.

Axillary: Incisions are made horizontally under the armpits.

Combined: T or L-shaped, the incisions are unobtrusive, and allow for enhanced cosmetic intervention in cases of excess skin and significant fat levels.

The resulting scars that are left behind therefore depend on the type of cosmetic surgery carried out and your wishes, always taking your aims into account.

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