Liposculpture or liposuction is a method of sculpting the body outline. Using cannulas, the surgeon draws fat from certain parts of the body, sculpting it to give it a more harmonious shape and contour.

This cosmetic surgery, which is one of the most commonly used, is carried out under a general or local anaesthetic, and can be adapted to all persons and skin types.

Fat may be deposited throughout the body, giving rise to small, unpleasant rippling (excess tissue in the arms, thighs, sides, etc.). After such cosmetic surgery, the skin may sag a little, and hence we advise that you follow a postoperative treatment.

This type of treatment is widely used in the US and in South America, with a view to obtaining optimal results. Our specialist in this field will be happy to explain which is involved here. Treatment to enhance and accelerate healing is also possible.

Here you can see a real case of liposuction (liposculpture), before and after cosmetic surgery.


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