Breast reduction is a very delicate surgical procedure. It consists of reducing breast size which has increased excessively through pregnancy, weight gain or, sometimes, a high level of activity of the mammary glands, causing the breasts to sag. Where this is not in harmony with the rest of the body, this may lead to a lack of self-esteem, macerations in the breast groove, and back pain.

It is important to feel good about our bodies; accordingly, this surgery, carried out under a general anaesthetic, will enable all patients to feel better about themselves, both physically and mentally.

Breast reduction leaves a varying scar, depending on the patient and the cosmetic surgery. This is normally vertical, beginning below the areola and running to the fold in the skin beneath the breast.

Mammograms can continue to be done; in this case, you will need to inform the radiologist that you have had a breast implant, so that your breast image is not misinterpreted.

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