Mastopexy is cosmetic surgery that is carried out under full anesthesia and consists of raising and shaping the breasts with the aim of restoring a firm and round appearance that they lose over time, following pregnancy, breastfeeding and also after major weight loss.

There are two types of mastopexy:

Simple mastopexy: consists of raising the breasts thanks to an incision around the areola that varies according to the size of the breast. Where a small excess quantity of skin needs to be removed, the scar will nevertheless be taken to be the nipple outline. Where there is more excess skin, the incision will run vertically below the nipple to the sub-mammary groove.

Augmentation mastopexy: it resembles simple mastopexy but with the difference that breast implants are used in order to increase breast volume at the same time as shaping the breasts.

The result of this cosmetic surgery is immediate, although it takes an average of twelve months before final healing.

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